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— holmes By stardust24601 Updated Jul 01

highest ranking: #19 in Science fiction ;
 ❝long live the state ;;
True happiness is only achieved without freedom.
Two decades ago, when humanity got out of control, seven leaders made a decision that would change the world forever. They recruited scientists, engineers, and all the smartest people they could get their hands on to create a natural disaster that would shroud the world in an eternal winter.
Thus, they started anew- they gathered up the survivors, and from the rubble of what was once Prague, they rebuilt their glass empire.
Evanna Frior is one of three million people who survived the storm- but she's not human. A genetic experiment gone wrong, she is the representation of vengeful psychopathy- and the only thing standing in the way of the government as it strives towards one unanimous goal: perfection.
                                                                                                                                         -- long live perfection.❞
                                                                                                                         all graphics made by me
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I'm a simple person.  I see anything Czech Republic oriented and I latch onto it.
unruliness unruliness Jul 12
Ah, this is so cool! Trying to get my graphics to this level.😭💞👏
M-A-Matlock M-A-Matlock Jul 15
What an awesome beginning.  I was hocked instantly and I can't wait to read on.
sunblush sunblush Dec 24, 2016
this cover... your graphics in general... utter perfection 😻
fragmentals fragmentals Jan 08
I've just read the description and I'm already obsessed with this book! <33
babywaffles_ babywaffles_ Dec 24, 2016
I'M SO EXCITED I've had this in my reading list for a while, but I haven't yet gotten to it. now I'm reading it and I'm sooooo excited I can't even, I can tell it's written very well ♡ #XMASGIVEAWAY