Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths

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Tidy Whites By yellowfrickatron Completed

Keri and Maia are complete strangers yet go to the same school.

Maia is the captain of the Girls' Soccer team whereas Keri is the former Cheerleader Captain. Sure, they've heard of each other; two most popular girls are bound to be known around school. But everything is simpler when certain lives don't clash. 

Especially these crossed paths.

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_Unknown_Rage_ _Unknown_Rage_ 4 days ago
My school is the smart type too 
                              welp obviously my grade didn't help the percentage
I don’t like that so therefore Noah I am not going to like you
_Unknown_Rage_ _Unknown_Rage_ 4 days ago
Already hate this dude. I have a feeling he's a little snarky bitch.
I hate the word lit because it’s overused and cringey but that is kinda lit
This is the first lesbian also NON One Direction related fic i read i came im scared MAIA DONT LET ME DOWN
I literally have blomde hair and im a cheerleader WHY isnt maia tge cheerleader i am disappointed smh ily