The Rockstar Saw Me Naked

The Rockstar Saw Me Naked

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Yashiba By bookaddicted5 Updated Feb 27, 2017

Meet Adira Hamilton. She's popular, rich and a complete misfit.

To the world she's perfect, to herself she's the the self- proclaimed misfit.She just cant fit anywhere. With a perfect family and a supermodel sister and a famous brother Adira wants to fit in and prove herself too. But how can a quirky, clumsy and slightly crazy stand out like Adira fit in the glamour world?

Nobody knows.

But Adira is determined to make a mark for herself and start a new life as a new her, and as things were just about to look up, universe turned it upside down.

It was supposed to be a simple spa day. It was supposed to be the best day of her life before she started her new life.

Only it turned out to be the worst.


Because Elliot Rivers saw her naked. By accident. And Elliot Rivers is the world famous rockstar. He's THE golden boy of the music world.

And the worst part?

She was supposed to start her new  life by working with none other than Elliot Rivers.

The Rockstar who saw her naked.


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Aals765 Aals765 Jul 29, 2017
Yes fam it's Shawnie Peter Raul ma lil potterhead muffin man Mendes!! (That is legit my nickname for Shawn. Don't judge)
Kill_em_with_guns Kill_em_with_guns Aug 29, 2016
My favorite song I sing it all the time 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞
-EmelyChavez- -EmelyChavez- May 19, 2016
THIS IS ALL FALLING INTO PLACE! remeber how Sopfia embarrassed her self in some one famous? Well she did the same thing. Mother like daughter, cute cupcake turned into blushes.☺️😘😊
Gwaycie3596 Gwaycie3596 Jan 07, 2017
Great story .
                              I just finished reading wrong number yesterday.
                              Beautiful sequel.
                              Totally love it .
                              U rock Yashie.
FriendlyDragon478 FriendlyDragon478 Jun 15, 2016
Nooo u said update be May 16th or 18th and it didn't happen..... OMG SHE DIED
_____Nadiya_____ _____Nadiya_____ Jan 30, 2017
Boys seem to like the girls who laugh at anything
                              The ones who get undressed before the second date
                              Girls seem to like the boys who don't appreciate
                              All the money and the time that it takes