Trapped in Forever

Trapped in Forever

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| Lyss | By LyssFrom1996 Completed

Amanda Rose is too young for her best friend to be dead.

She went to bed to one world and woke up to an entirely different one the next morning when her best friend, Roxanne, committed suicide, leaving Amanda behind with only one missed phone call, a message she can't bring herself to listen to.

And then comes in Orion Mathers, Roxanne's ex-boyfriend and the reason why everyone in Madison high school turned on Roxanne. Amanda blames him for what happened since to her nothing was wrong until he revealed her unusual eating disorder.

But then, to honor her best friend, a former model, Amanda decides to take part in modeling competitions in her place in hopes that if she won, things would start to make sense again. But she soon finds out, the deeper she gets into the model world, the harder it is to come out.

She sheds being Amanda, the boring, shy friend of the dead girl and becomes Mandy, the more outspoken, beautiful girl. Mandy is distant toward her family, develops an eating disorder of her own, and just wants to win. Her family, her wild child sister, and even Orion urge her to stop but she can't now.

Maybe not ever.

secretangel1234 secretangel1234 Apr 10, 2016
Am i the only one that thought of youtuber amanda sings...i love amanda sings lol
maarilee_ maarilee_ Apr 05, 2016
What does becoming a "model" gone do ? 😂 this story stupid as hell
cerulearum cerulearum Dec 31, 2015
Omggg she has that thing where you eat non food items I bet. LOL
klexos klexos Jul 22, 2015
that last sentence :o i absolutely adore your style of writing, and the plot, and asdfghjkjh i can't wait to binge-read this <3
GrizzyK GrizzyK May 22, 2015
@Lyssade I just want to say that I love this book and it has such a great message and you should get this published, I think It would help a lot of people. Also after I finished this I was bawling and I texted my best friend that I loved her so much and just this book is amazing
paraless- paraless- Apr 15, 2015
this is one of favourite stories on wattpad and I've read it like three times :)