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Ren Tachibana By rentachi Completed

~ WATTYS 2016 WINNER | Featured Story ~

She was a woman with vengeance on her mind. He was a demon with nothing left to lose.

Sacrificed by an anonymous cult, Sara Gaspard is rescued by the Sin of Pride before she can be murdered in cold blood. In exchange for her soul, the Sin prolongs Sara's imminent end and promises to hunt down her would-be murderers, but the resolution isn't as simple as either of them had hoped. Sara and Pride wander into a twisted world of paranormal disaster and occult fanaticism, living in a city filled with perils neither expect. The dying girl and immortal demon must find the cult before the danger haunting Verweald's streets claims them both.

Story is COMPLETE.
Highest Rank: #4 in Fantasy

BlackCielo BlackCielo Feb 21
Wow. Beautifully written. Like a dangerous, delicious yet addictive dance between life and death... And is just the beginning...
Interesting story. The cover is amazing! Finally reading this 😂😂been in my list forever
ArekWolf ArekWolf Dec 21, 2016
Hey, this is super atmospheric. It is making me think the author must have gone through an actual face-to-face encounter with a ghost! Hmm, maybe I should have a ghost or two featuring in my next novel...
ReillyZender ReillyZender Oct 28, 2016
Isn't everyone uncomfortable by ritualized murder 😂😂😂
jastigman jastigman Jan 31
what kind of fluid? blood? water? both? And its a kind of refrain of the opening.
ajae_jackson ajae_jackson Dec 10, 2016
Ciel is that you? Great start to the novel, very attention gripping. I'm sorry for the Black Butler joke, but it had to be done.