Rush of Dusk (Dusk Series - Book 1)

Rush of Dusk (Dusk Series - Book 1)

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Guardian By AmeliaCrossGE Completed

Meredith had always known about magic. Her family was magic, one of the most powerful mage lines out there. Having lost her parents to all the fighting though, she had stayed far away from it, focused on school and led a primarily normal life, until magic came knocking on her door. 

Someone in her family had murdered one of the Shade vampires, and under treaty law, they had to offer up a life in exchange. Mages were too precious, too valuable, but a single girl who had refused to dance to their tune, well, not as much. Meredith is thrust into the world of the dark as a sacrifice to pay for her families crimes, and she finds herself at the mercy of a vampire who hungers for her. 

Somethings are inescapable. 

The dark past of her parents who she's never met. 

The power of creatures that thrive in the night.

The call and will of magic she's fled from.

While Meredith may not have signed up for the world of magic and the clash between the vampires and mages, she is now deep in the murky waters that divides the two. What lies in her family's past? Can she figure out the man who is now her owner for lack of a better word? What does she do when her magic finally awakens and breaks free like a desperate animal changed?

One can run from magic, but it always gives chase. 

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