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Hand Over Fist

Hand Over Fist

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Shawn Jackson By bloodsword Completed

Like a phoenix, they arose.  From the ashes of a world burnt by massive nuclear holocaust and frozen by a millennia of nuclear winter.  They are the Fisted Races and they struggle against the tattered remnant of Humanity for what little resources are left on a battered Earth.  Ryon, Tigris, Kanid and Pantor; all equally powerful in skill and cunning.  And in their hatred of the human race that nearly destroyed the world with the Great Burn.

But now an even greater power in the south was rising that threatened Fisted and Humans alike.  Could they somehow put the bloodshed and horror of their history behind them and stand together against it?  Because if they didn't, not only would Humanity and the Fisted die, but so would every living thing on the planet!

1411ea 1411ea Jan 25
By members you mean obviously politicians, i would assume...
1411ea 1411ea Jan 25
Nice you have the courage to say the truth unlike the "politically correct" hmm.. people.
BloodyPetals BloodyPetals Jun 04, 2015
What about Australia or South America?  Anyway, quite a vivid and enjoyable story so far.
scifiwriter scifiwriter Mar 06, 2015
Ooh, this seems really good :) I can't wait to start reading!
doumams67 doumams67 Mar 06, 2015
Aye I know, and by the way I love some of your work.
                              I just wanted to avoid any amalgam, like the many ones I witness here in Europe.
                               *cough* France *cough*
doumams67 doumams67 Mar 05, 2015
sigh... Arab doesn't mean Muslim or Islam geez.
                              they may calm themselves Muslim but they're not and if you believe that they are, well my friend you know nothing of Islam I'm afraid.