Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story -

Rain - A Zombie Apocalypse Story -

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Ross By ReissRow Completed

Rain falls from the clouds and plummets down to the lands where it is then devoured by the earth. Rain is what helps the earth and its inhabitants thrive; but now, rain is what will destroy the earth itself. As people get caught in the rain, they change. They lose their civility and everything that made them what they were. 

A simple umbrella won't save you this time.

*This is the original un-edited version*

Donut-Girl Donut-Girl May 06, 2016
I love this book already. I love books that have smooth flowy writing. so yeah, it makes sense
trilex trilex May 11, 2016
A friend of mine is writing a post apocalyptic book (possible series) on wattpad, hes young and new to writing and is looking for feed back. Please read this and leave a comment or something.
midnightsecrets16 midnightsecrets16 Jul 09, 2016
Don't  worry author. That was an excellent prologue and its very true. Even if this story wasn't a zombie story, this prologue depicts hope very well.
_Akasha_ _Akasha_ Dec 18, 2016
The prologue really did made us- readers crave for more! Nice job!
Blank_Eclipse Blank_Eclipse May 09, 2016
I think that this is the first novel that has ever caught me so quickly.
FuvkingKillMe FuvkingKillMe Jan 19, 2016
I just started my own zombie apocalypse book so I was wondering if you could give me feedback on it? I just think that yours is really good :)