An American Holocaust Part 1

An American Holocaust Part 1

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Katharine Francis By K_E_Francis Completed

One sentence synopsis: Ten strangers board a plane that crashes into the ocean, turning their promised paradise vacation into a deadly experiment of survival.  
  Long blurb: Desperate for money and dying for adventure, Avery Heart stands before the notorious job board of Clancy Hall. Known for its outlandish posts she's bound to find something worthwhile.  Buried under rain tattered pages she finds a yellow flyer that will give her exactly what she asks for, and then some. 
  Six months later she finds herself boarding a plane with nine strangers who've all been chosen to participate in a psychological study  called "The Hilstead Experiment". All is well aboard the plane until tragedy strikes. Avery, and the others,  watch in horror as the pilot collapses onto the floor and dies. Panic quickly spreads as the plane rushes toward the ocean below. 
  What is suppose to be the trip of a life time turns into a fight for survival as food and water run out and mother nature takes over.
  *Rated R for  language. 
  This is a horror/paranormal/adventure novel. 

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  • action
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  • thriller
ElleJones94 ElleJones94 Sep 09
The blurb draws me in. I would pick something like this up at a bookstore.
I like the blurb but I definitely didn't get an x men or island of Dr moreau vibe. I got more of a Stanford prison experiment vibe. That isn't bad unless you feel the extraordinary powers bit is important as opposed to something that might sneak up on the reader.