Zara's cruel mate

Zara's cruel mate

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Jess By jess_stories Updated Feb 22, 2017

(Sequel to my mate is a monster mate)

Zara has a secret in her life the know one knows. Not even her parents. Zara keeps her happy vibe but in the inside shes a lonely quiet girl. The only thing that would make her happy is her mate.

Zara has been Waiting for her mate ever since the day her mother told her about mates. What happens when Zara's mate is Alpha Jason who owns the second biggest pack and is known to be abusive and cruel. When Zara is forced into going with him to his pack what will the outcome be? 

(P.S you do not have to read my mate is a monster mate for this story) 

Cover made by: @Brenna_comfirmed


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  • alpha
  • luna
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  • werewolf
ECarisa ECarisa May 12, 2017
Ik its a intense time rn but she sounds like a brat they way she whines, shes a high rank blood line , act like it.