Joshler smut one shots

Joshler smut one shots

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hxllbxxnd By hxllbxxnd Updated 5 days ago

I'm going to hell.

Eternal damnation can't be that bad right?

Joshler one shots

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ithinkilostmydonut ithinkilostmydonut Oct 30, 2017
o snit (if you were in the #heyogayo gc you would understand)
Panic_Phandom42 Panic_Phandom42 Oct 30, 2017
I know this is supposed to be arousing or something but I am laughing so fücking hard oml halp 😂😂😂
grumpmuttt grumpmuttt Jan 06
What if Josh and Tyler just so happen to read this and
                              Ooga booga
Panic_Phandom42 Panic_Phandom42 Oct 30, 2017
I can imagine Tyler saying this as a replacement for a curse oml help me 😂😂😂
Panic_Phandom42 Panic_Phandom42 Oct 30, 2017
*pulls out and puts clothes back on* “Josh wha-“ *chalkboard magically appears, “You see Tyler, your prostate is a bundle of nerves in your ass that...”
DuckyTheHuman DuckyTheHuman Oct 01, 2017
Well, you guys never who tops or bottoms. So, you shouldn't be demanding that one of them tops. Idgaf either way. I just ship them.