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N.O By Cupcake2027 Updated Nov 08, 2017

I did not plan on stumbling into the middle of a movie shooting. 

I did not plan on commenting how poor the acting of the lead female was. 

And I most definitely did not plan on finding myself speaking the lines in her place, opposite none other than Adrian Carter, the teenage heartthrob of Hollywood. 

But if anything in this universe ever went according to my plan, then the lead protagonist in the horror movie I was watching wouldn't have died by opening the damn door when I clearly asked her not to. 

But oh well, problems seemed to be attracted to me like the opposite ends of the magnets. 


Addison Woods is a seventeen year old who has a strong passion for acting. Being the daughter of the world's most renowned movie-set and graphics designer, she has always been in touch with this industry all her life. 

So what happens when, after losing a bet she is asked to spend a night in the spooky mansion, where she finds herself speaking the lines of the lead female instead?

But if you think that she becomes a star and her dream comes true so easily, you're dead wrong. 

Because Addison never liked it easy. 

So, will this incident set her life straight, or will it actually turn it upside down?

Read on to find out!


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Scarnee Scarnee May 01, 2017
OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I can't believe this is happening! My real name is Maven (yes spelled the same) and one of my dreams is to become an ACTOR! I really hope this a good omen or something.
i_stink i_stink Nov 06, 2017
I did not plan on eating the last piece of cake
                              Oh wait I did.
priyatato priyatato May 11, 2017
Hey anyone want to please check out my book "Why Me ." I'd really appreciate it! :)
Alex096621 Alex096621 Mar 28, 2016
I can't wait to find out what happens in this book it sounds interesting.
- - Apr 03, 2016
OMG sydney PELT i cant believe it...its just soo my dear, your parenta are the.most aweaome people in this qoeld..awsome-r tjan you↖(^o^)↗  its seriously sooo aweaome
rebelbooks101 rebelbooks101 Mar 27, 2016
Oooooo this sounds interesting! Im excited to read it! Also your a fantastic writer and this is a great idea