Unchain Me

Unchain Me

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Caitlin Williams By caity007 Completed

'I had guilt that ate me out from the inside and made me want to
throw up. Guilt that started as a young child and continued to fester until I
was doomed to break. I knew that one day I would shatter like glass. I just wasn't sure if anyone would be able to put the pieces of me back together.'


Ashley Summers is the Bloomingfield Highs resident goodgirl/nerd, complete with absolutely no friends and a book for company. However guys could be throwing themselves at her because she is really one of the hottest girls at school, but her bookish tendencies and social low keep them away. And the fact that every guy who talks to her gets ignored. What she doesn't expect from the new year was the bad boy, Adrian Forsyth, persistently taking her attention away from her introverted life.

Wait, she does know why. It was that stupid Chemistry class.

She feels her carefully constructed life start to break as Adrian digs around her past, intent on finding out exactly what made her shut off from the world and herself for all of those years.  Ashley has some deep secrets that she wants to stay hidden but piece by piece they make their way to the light. The question is what will happen when they all become revealed? It seems that while Adrian is searching for answers to the puzzle that is Ashley Summers he finds more than just her secrets. He could also find the key to her heart, a place where no person has truly seen before.

Which is to say that Ashley Summers is in for some interesting events before the year is over.


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TryingToBeFound TryingToBeFound Jul 09, 2017
And to the right, in that paragraph, you will see my home planet, better known as 'the world insanity'
TryingToBeFound TryingToBeFound Jul 09, 2017
I read so many books and still cuss like a truck driver, must be something wring with me
TryingToBeFound TryingToBeFound Jul 09, 2017
Maybe that's why I've always hated doors for some odd reason
chloeisthebom chloeisthebom Mar 12, 2017
Oh, why did you write about me? Oh yeah! Because I'm so amazing- how Adrian would react if he found out he was fictional.
mauraalexandra99 mauraalexandra99 Jul 04, 2017
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is how you play hard to get with a boy.... this is just the beginning...
- - Feb 24, 2017
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make readers love your main character