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Creepypasta Yaoi/Yuri/CP x CP (rough/ soft)

Creepypasta Yaoi/Yuri/CP x CP (rough/ soft)

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Mary By MaryTheCreepyPasta Updated Sep 02, 2016

I've decided to make my yaoi stories in a new book ~ x)   Not sure how often I'll update this one but I will try to!
  WARNING: This book will vary from Rough(forceful) to soft~ All stories are consensual, and you are responsible for avoiding what you wish to not read u.u

I'm randomly requesting Bloody Painter x Puppeteer or Puppeteer x Jason the Toymaker.
                              Sorry, I've never seen these two pairings and I kind of want to see more of them.
ikaika18 ikaika18 Nov 26, 2016
Please make a part two of Masky x Ticci Toby Just shut up PLEASE🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
CheeseCakeWorshipper CheeseCakeWorshipper Apr 10, 2016
Masky X Hoodie? Ticci Toby X Anybody? Lost Silver X Glitchy Red...?
Foxy4ever2000 Foxy4ever2000 Jul 18, 2016
*shamefully ships Lost Silver x Eyeless Jack*
                              Also, could you do Strangled Red x Glitchy Red?
IzzyMurphy0 IzzyMurphy0 Apr 10, 2016
Masҡʏ x Hօօɖɨɛ , Sʟɛռɖɛʀ x Jɛʄʄ , Jɛʄʄ x Bɛռ , Sɨʟʋɛʀ x Rɛɖ , LJ x Jɛʄʄ
Idiot_Niels Idiot_Niels Oct 02, 2016
Could you please do a:
                              Dark Link X BEN Drowned X Neko!Link X Shadow Link
                              With Link being the uke and the rest being seme.......
                              Also forced/rape/BDSM please..... With a little bit of mpreg.....
                              I'm sorry I request a lot! 😣🙏🙇