After Paradise: Book Two • jb

After Paradise: Book Two • jb

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How do you hide your secrets when they keep being thrown back at you?
How do you move on from the game if someone is constantly reminding you about it?

Justin Bieber and Diana Rose is finally out of the competition. With so many backstabbing moments and unrelieved secrets, will Justin really stay throughout them all? And what will happen when Diana finally finds out the truth about Justin's appearance in the Paradise?

Secret, lies and unforgivable moments will be revealed, and the trust... will get worse than ever.

Follow Justin and Diana's future bond as they go through ups and downs only to have them questioning themselves if it's really worth it? After everything that's happened inside of the hotel, are they really that strong to be able to maintain the trust between them? 

Book two of the Paradise-series. 

After Paradise // Written by: Maybelline Paris  
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njbeliebs njbeliebs Aug 06, 2016
Honestly it's about damn time he gets back at her he's probably keeping all this inside until now
justiinsbaby justiinsbaby Jan 21, 2017
I'd also fall in love with him and my name is Jazmyn so like if I was a princess it would fit the plot😂😂😂
njbeliebs njbeliebs Aug 06, 2016
He should just tell her the truth before she finds out from someone else
omg that's what i thought for a sec but it sounds so horrible lol
njbeliebs njbeliebs Aug 06, 2016
they were probably going to be so cute together anyways but nopee
KnifeBieber KnifeBieber Nov 01, 2016
i'm on her side for once, she wanted the money for her family and he's being a selfish dick head