She's Perfect (Jelena Fanfiction)

She's Perfect (Jelena Fanfiction)

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Nina By Jelenaisrising Completed


Relations are like glass, sometimes its best to leave them broken, than to hurt yourself trying to put them back together. If she's brave enough to love him, then she's strong enough to get over him. 
 When she left me, i didn't let her walk away, i ran after her and poured my heart out on the pavement. I told her all the reasons i loved her, and i meant every word. I kissed her like i've never kissed her before and held her in my arms like i'm protecting the world, because she is my world. I fought for her. Didn't let her go. But she..............
Will Selena get back with Justin? Has he really changed? Or will both of them finally move on from eachother and find someone else?

Cover: @dammnnbieber

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Awwwww this is so great something that relatable 😍😍😍😍😍
Mustachio__Nut__Pie Mustachio__Nut__Pie Aug 09, 2017
This is like one of those moments, like when you're watching a movie and the people are trying to contact each other in some way but it like messes up or like they are looking for each other in a crowded area and the pass each other like five times
it sooooooo cuteeeee, i love selena sooooo much i dont have a crush on justin, but jelena is just " the thing " or wat love really is
its_just_moh its_just_moh Nov 23, 2017
why are the paragraphs repeated ??? it's very confusing to read
Hazel_Cahill Hazel_Cahill Jun 10, 2017
Love jelena...... what is she doing with the weeknd? He isn't right for her. I wonder why Taylor doesn't help her. I know Tay doesn't like JB but...
But I'm not alive until you call
                              And I'll bet the odds against it