Prince Of The Seven Seas

Prince Of The Seven Seas

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Gh0stwr1t3r By Gh0stwr1t3r Updated Mar 29

Percy has known the ocean since he was a little kid. His mom  cared for him and loved him so much. But one night he was walking outside the castle (that's right, castle) and somebody grabbed the six year old boy from behind. For, you see, Percy had a gift that most pirates would kill for. All you have to do is push his head under the sea water like you are drowning him. Or he can do it out of free will.

Nobody knows about it except for him ajd his real father, the god of the sea. Percy was kidnapped and made a slave by pirates when he was eight and he has been acting like a mute ever since. Every night when the others are asleep, he talks to the sea creatures and spread stories about what these pirates are up to, to get Poseidon to give them a hard life.

Thirteen years later, a new pirate shows up. She has blonde hair and grey eyes. And when she talks out of line, Percy gets punished for her sake. And when she gets very suspicious, he reveals his gift and vanishes into thin air.

Discontinued until further notice

AnimeForLife21 AnimeForLife21 6 days ago
Are they that stupid that they didn't get the idea from his clothes?
                              By bromance i mean the brick and jason.
                              but the brick is male.
My band class is playing pirates of the Caribbean while I'm reading this. My instrument is in the shop.
I still want to punch Hearths dad in the face... gonna go do that now. Bye!
                              Rachel Elizabeth Dare
                              ofc u dare cus u saidit
kathrynA101 kathrynA101 Apr 17, 2016
Please update, I love when Percy is a pirate and this is an epic plot!