Alpha King's Chase

Alpha King's Chase

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Olympic Wolf By OlympicWolf Updated Oct 17, 2016

Archer is a rare female-wolf Delta Warrior and was brought to the King's 'Mating Games' against her will. Actually dragged by the Royal Guard to participate when she wanted nothing to do with it, Archer protested on the grounds of principle, to demand equal rights for all she-wolfs.

For the right to choose her own destiny. Only Archer didn't know that Destiny had already chosen for her.

She didn't want a mate and had built her life the way she wanted, Archer had spent her life fighting and sweating to earn her title of Delta Warrior- she was proud to be strong.

When Archer successfully escapes the borders of the Palace, the King chases her because he has already chosen her to be Queen, a fate she is unaware of. She becomes a pawn in another 'game' by the Royal Family who assist her for their own reasons, and her 'games' soon reach beyond the city and country to span the world.

Archer must use her survival skills during Palace politics, against world Alphas, and especially in the bedroom where she's expected to quickly learn the ways of dominant, forbidden, and exotic pleasures.

And Archer learns that the 'mating bond' plays dirty as she experiences foreign, burning desires and grows to crave her soul-mate, finally understanding that both her inner Wolf and her own body have chosen the King.  But she fights it all the way, wanting a choice.

Enjoy! -Olympic Wolf

**This is a mature story for older readers only , and contains explicit adult sex scenes and adult themes not meant for younger readers.

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akera93 akera93 Apr 07
She didn't say the mist important reason: she is a strong independent woman and she can't stand to submit to a dominant male.
11rangerdemigod 11rangerdemigod Jun 02, 2017
Hehehe. Treason to the king. Hehehe. I dunno why that seems funny it does though. Hehehe.
Societal_Hazard Societal_Hazard Nov 12, 2017
Lmao the first thing I saw and thought of when I saw these were those Asian people with their cute little buns on their heads like on Mulan 😂😂🤭
NotMyNameHere NotMyNameHere Jul 07, 2017
Dude. And this was only one chapter! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Probably the best advice a lead in a book has ever received.
I_n_e_f_f_a_b_l_e I_n_e_f_f_a_b_l_e Dec 27, 2016
I defined love how you did the King's perspective! Loving this already!