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SENSEI404 By Sensei404 Completed

LEAD: YoonMin, NamJin, HopeAmi

Taehyung can be mistaken as a psycho but he's not. He's just unpredicted but definitely a rude, violent, guy. While Jungkook is a nosy one doing some dare in an abandoned house one night.

Jungkook swore he would not want to hear the deep voice or to see those dark cold eyes from that night ever again.

And Taehyung doesn't like getting interrupted while having fun.

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You want me to die? Don’t worry I’m already dead because of you eyes
I already read this book thric😎👏. And i still love it💜
140503AD 140503AD Jun 11
I can just hear Jimin yelling “DONT COMPARE A HUMAN TO A VEGETABLE!!!!!2!1!1!!1!!”
pxnda-express pxnda-express 2 days ago
:( but but.. I think the only tops in bts are namjoon and hoseok (and Tae) all of them switch tbh
Why do you always make my baby bottom.Why can’t he be top 😭😭
YoGurlZoey YoGurlZoey 2 days ago
Why does Hoseok always gotta be the straight one? Like this dude is gayer than BTS put together 😤