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Number One | Vmin

Number One | Vmin

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Positive vibes By Danielar_0w0 Completed

I'm the number one. Everyone knows. Everyone accepts. Everyone agrees. Everyone stays by my side. And everyone... is boring.

But if someone go against me, I'll make them regret. Don't get in my way. The first place is mine and only mine. And the number one can only be me.

-thirstyjeon -thirstyjeon Jul 07, 2016
ring ding dong ring ding dong ringdigidingdigidingdigidingdingding
Princessbunners Princessbunners Aug 05, 2016
Shawol ? ...... Ring ding dong ring ding dong ring ding ding ding🎶
Bluewing7 Bluewing7 Dec 11, 2016
When your a new zealander, we're probably along way from each other
komadea komadea Nov 09, 2016
ring ding dong ring ding dong ring diggy ding diggy ding ding ding
Just found this on YouTube and I'm fangirling so hard rn. Can't wait to watch it!
silberkey silberkey Aug 01, 2016
Wahh im so confused rn. Was this jimin or cookie or some random boy