♡ The Merc Who Stole My Heart ♡ (Deadpool x Reader)

♡ The Merc Who Stole My Heart ♡ (Deadpool x Reader)

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You were another individual who was promised something from the terrible organization that was Weapon-X. Going into it you thought nothing of it, but once you were exposed to the true horrors of the organization and what they did to people for their own personal gain, you were sickened. You were finally able to escape to America with the rambunctious Wade Wilson when he lit the anti-oxygen chamber he was trapped in on fire. 

*Based more on the Deadpool movie than the comics, I also have no rights to either of them*

**Cover art is NOT mine**


Same he told me to cover my eyes...I still looked...it was a bad idea
If we didn't know before, this let us know that they were taking in Wade
Oh god i remember that scene. My and my dad were watching the movie together...
Awwwwwwwww! Don't make me feel love for I-Give-A-FUÇK!!!!! :<