Adopted By Larzaylea

Adopted By Larzaylea

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"It's funny how I thought two kids would wanna adopt a kid." 

"No, it's not funny. What's funny is that you fell for it-"

"I looked up to you. You were my idol. I looked up to you as a musician, as a songwriter, as a person, and now when I look at you, I feel nothing but the urge to vomit. Because you know what Luke, fuck you."

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MiaGotJams MiaGotJams Jun 15, 2017
How did I end up here. Oh that's right I wanna see how much Arzaylea fucks up as a mum.
Lashtonix Lashtonix Mar 12, 2017
 #rr this is probably the 20th time I had re-read this story I love it so much its my fav
dkkwksos dkkwksos May 16, 2016
I looked at the photos.. Her style literally progressed the longer into the story. Starts out all right, then becomes really cute and better dressed. (How I dress, thought it was better then in the beginning)
guccix5sos guccix5sos Jun 18, 2016
If I ever was adopted by Araylea, I would kill myself. Or just run away.
chimmygukie chimmygukie Nov 20, 2016
I'm only reading this to see how much of fail Arzaylea will be if she was a mom
Mallet-Chan Mallet-Chan May 29, 2016
I came to this cuz I wanted to see how much Arzy fails at being a mom.... Read this on a dif account, and she was being nice.... I felt like I was betraying my life... I started likeing her tho...