99 Skinny • Adopted by 5sos #Wattys2016

99 Skinny • Adopted by 5sos #Wattys2016

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love yourself 🌷 By mrcalibu Completed

She thought the world was against her and being loved just wasn't for her, until she met four boys determined to change that. (i wrote this when i was 13 turning 14 so it's kinda ew, just a warning) 

warning: this book deals with triggering topics such as eating disorders, self-harm, and suicide.

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Today I skipped lunch and my friend said and I quote "I WILL SHOVE MY CHIPS IF YOU DON'T EAT" and of course right behind us was the popular kids so you could imagine how happy with her I was.
I'm also writing one off these books and boy (or gurl) im bad at it
trashytashy trashytashy Aug 28
This is like my 6th or 8th tine pre-reading this book ;-; it's so good!
I read this ages ago so I kinda forget what happens but I remembered the name so.....
i have the dream everynight. harry styles picking me up and marrying me and then...falls in love with louis
emmabux emmabux Aug 08
I've read this book a while ago and made my friend read it so i thought imma read it againbc it's an amazing book y'all!!!