Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]

Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]

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Queen Jay By jaythemost_lovely Completed

//Undertale High School AU. 
Your typical High School story where you're the new girl~ 
//Except monsters and humans are together too. Involves time travel in later chapters. Never wrote an Reader insert before, so spare me! 

"You look lost there, Kiddo." A deep smooth voice caught your attention and you turned your head, facing a short Skeleton in a fluffy blue winter jacket.

"Oh, U-Uh, Yes." You stammered, looking down at your shoes.

"Don't need to be shy." He chuckled lightly. "I'll show you around."

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*me* knock knock *you* who's dere? *me* smell mop *you* smell mop who?? *me* ewww... I'm not gonna smell ur poo biyatch >:C
*he grabs my shoulder* BITCH NO! *slaps* *realises who you slapped* oh... fuk sowwy sansey I hope I didn't hurt you ;c
Lazy_Bliss Lazy_Bliss Feb 03
Psst... If someone is a boy reading this then.. Uh.. They would also wear a beanie? XD
Sansxkenzie Sansxkenzie Feb 02
Tell me why everything she has did is exactly what I would do. Espically the shyness and the kissing in mirror.
Here hold on *I'm sans now :3* h-h-heyyy.. we-ell.. umm.. y-you h-h-Have b-better known-k-ke-ep y-yo-your p-p-p-retty s-self 
                              H-here ·~·
KaylnM KaylnM Mar 03
(My morning)
                              -I look in the mirror. I see a girl that has red eyes. All I can say is
                              HOLY S*** WHAT THE HECK IS THIS