Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]

Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]

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Queen Jay By jaythemost_lovely Completed

//Undertale High School AU. 
Your typical High School story where you're the new girl~ 
//Except monsters and humans are together too. Involves time travel in later chapters. Never wrote an Reader insert before, so spare me! 

"You look lost there, Kiddo." A deep smooth voice caught your attention and you turned your head, facing a short Skeleton in a fluffy blue winter jacket.

"Oh, U-Uh, Yes." You stammered, looking down at your shoes.

"Don't need to be shy." He chuckled lightly. "I'll show you around."

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I like reading these kind of things because it makes me laugh and smile uncontrollably.
                              Good Story,
                              Very good.
MochaTweek MochaTweek Nov 18
hi im dont
                              don as in DON't touch me b|tch
                              my name isnt don and i hate that joke
Yeah. I understand that all too well. Im sure someone agrees with me... I just don't know who?😅
"Sorry not really feeling up to it right now"     
                              "What does that mean???" ~pewdiepie 2016
Ugggghhhh.... Its a school night...... And i have to wake up early....
                              Psshhh.... Ill just let future me worry about these problems.
MochaTweek MochaTweek Nov 18
thank god there's no whoopi cushion 
                              i would've punched him in the face