Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]

Kind Of Comical [Sans X Reader]

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Queen Jay By jaythemost_lovely Completed

//Undertale High School AU. 
Your typical High School story where you're the new girl~ 
//Except monsters and humans are together too. Involves time travel in later chapters. Never wrote an Reader insert before, so spare me! 

"You look lost there, Kiddo." A deep smooth voice caught your attention and you turned your head, facing a short Skeleton in a fluffy blue winter jacket.

"Oh, U-Uh, Yes." You stammered, looking down at your shoes.

"Don't need to be shy." He chuckled lightly. "I'll show you around."

These are my jokes. I am sans. Ok: 
                              1: ketchup
                              2: bad jokes
                              3: secretly powerful
                              4: puns
                              5: lazy
                              6 sleeps everywhere
                              7; smart, but didn't let people know it
                              8: I may be secretly depressed
SorielSucks SorielSucks Dec 20, 2016
I'm weird ...sometimes I laugh for no reason..I just did it right now..(why)
crystal_the_pixie crystal_the_pixie 5 days ago
"Catch me at lunch"
                              My head: *sans if falling to his death but I catching and its the bridal style and I'm wearing sunglasses*
                              Me: weird imagination
_JessicaFrost_ _JessicaFrost_ Dec 27, 2016
Uh.................... Can i can over my cold..or fever.. my mom said she just cannot tell for the love of god.
XxxMJCupcakexxX XxxMJCupcakexxX Dec 28, 2016
Am i a freaking monster?!?!?
                              Since when do humans have skin on our teeth 😂
Pfft, I'm pretty fast at running, so I could catch you for sure XD