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Undertale Papyrus x reader

Undertale Papyrus x reader

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Zamarak1 By Zamarak1 Completed

This is an Undertale Papyrus x Reader. This is also my first story, sorry if it's bad!

As if loosing your family wasn't bad enough at a young age, you had been bullied your entire school life. And after finishing school, it followed you. And things only snowball once you didn't have enough money to pay for the apartment your renting. But, you didn't expect a certain Skeleton changing your life forever. You two have a great time together. Until something tragic happens!!!

ME : NO!!!
                              Landlord : alright imma remember that
                              Me : remember it,write it down,take a picture,I don give a fuk!!!
                              TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE
JasmineCooley2 JasmineCooley2 Aug 03, 2016
Knees weak, arms are heavy, just vomited on their sweater already, MOMS SPAGHETTI
batmanbosssuperpimp batmanbosssuperpimp Sep 10, 2016
Im sorry but my pockets are empty I dont have any fuks to give ya sooooo NEXT TIME BISH!!!! (slams door)
batmanbosssuperpimp batmanbosssuperpimp Sep 10, 2016
Can't blame him, my hate club has cookies.
                              Hmmm explains why he's so fat
LonelyEmoAlex LonelyEmoAlex Dec 15, 2016
I love how I'm in an alley-way.... In my jam-jams (I'm Sry I'm weird)