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A whole new experience (Sans x Reader)

A whole new experience (Sans x Reader)

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Sei5000 By Sei5000 Completed

This is my first story i ever wrote on here. But hey, it should be alright. It's a story about this adorable skeleton from undertale. A love story, to be exact. I hope you enjoy it.

Wait.......... Can I come back? ... Cause you said that Frisk can't.....
how do people in stories and movies or anything fall asleep so freaking fast?! IT TAKES ME LIKE HALF AN HOUR NO MATTER HOW TIRED I AM!!!
Alright. So.. Sans is now a judgemental skeleton. I mean, if he sees a human thats ugly, he takes them to Grillby's, and he's like: ''Hey, kid. You're ugly.'' I mean, what if that happened?
I want this to be real.. But it's just impossible, isn't it.. 。◕‿◕。
Undertale324 Undertale324 5 days ago
Must have seen some people who look like a fricking troll then. .
MissGalaxique MissGalaxique Sep 12, 2016
I'm not gonna PATELLA any FIBULAS, so I'm going TIBIA honest, those SKELE-puns are quite HUMERUS, but you coulda put more back-BONE into it.