Tease [jikook/yoonmin/?]

Tease [jikook/yoonmin/?]

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daddy By Fanfanfictionig Updated Oct 02

"Nnnggggg Jungkook" Jimin gasps for air as he turns and moans in his sleep, clawing at the bed sheets beneath him. Little did he know, Jungkook was watching the whole thing.


It gets better as you go on, just trust me ;)

NimNim97 NimNim97 Apr 08
I can picture Namjoon in the background somewhere, probably listening to their conversation behind the door or something and just muttering to himself,
                              "Jimin... you got no jams."
Darknyx21 Darknyx21 Jun 08
Is the main pair Yoonmin? Nothing against it but bc it says both, I'm curious to know. Although I prefer Jikook >.< sorry Yoonmin shippers
Girl you made it sound so uninteresting lol this is a great story so far I'm excited to keep going!
Meanwhile Namjoon on the background: "sigh" Jimin i told u... you got no jams
A long cold shower no I'm Dil and steamy showers make me horny
tricky767 tricky767 Jul 11
The only use of the 'You got no jams' joke which is acceptable and actually bloody hilarious,  I love you