Wanna Play Hide and Seek?

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I posted this before but I guess I accidentally deleted it. You can actually play this game. It's called murder. Ready? Ready to be scared...Grab your friends and listen up. (DO NOT KILL YOUR FRIENDS)

Murder is a GAME that can be played in the daytime and night time but you SHOULD play at night. I'm going to make the rules real simple.

Get a couple of friends. Say if you have FOUR friends playing for example. You're going to get four small pieces of paper. Leave them all blank EXCEPT ONE.  One paper should say, MURDERER. Someone (doesn't matter who) should throw all the papers in the air. DO NOT TELL ANYONE IF YOUR ARE THE MURDERER OR IF YOUR CARD IS BLANK. NO ONE GETS TO KNOW ANYTHING.  Read it quickly because LIGHTS OFF AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR PAPER.

No talking in this game, no screaming, no telling who's the murderer.

~~~~~IF YOU ARE THE MURDERER: If your paper says, murderer. As soon as the lights go off, it's your job to find someone and catch them. Once you catch someone, you simply whisper "YOU'RE DEAD" in their ear, then lay them onto the ground. Make sure you disguise your voice. Fun part to this game is you can hide their body!!!!! So get the closets ready haha. Your goal is to kill everyone before a body you hid or left on the floor dead is found. ALL BODIES MUST BE LAID ON THE GROUND ONCE THEY'RE DEAD.

~~~~IF YOU ARE NOT THE MURDERER: Your job is to hide and keep away from the murderer. You kind of have to keep away from everyone because you don't know who's the murderer;) Your second job is to find a dead body. Once you find someone that's on the ground quickly yell, I FOUND A DEAD BODY. The lights come on once a dead body is found then all of you guess the murderer. 

This can be real fun at sleepover:)

Again, do not really kill anyone...

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