Chapter 13: The Paintings

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As I opened my eyes and got used to my current dark surroundings, I realized where I was. I sat up. I was sitting in my bed. I was in my old bedroom. My door was wide open, and I saw a shadow hover across the wall, then I started hearing noises.

"Hello?" I yelled out.

My mother and father suddenly appeared in front of my door at the same time. They smiled at me. My mom went over to the TV that was on and turned it off. She then walked over to my dad who was still smiling at me.

"Do you think we should call the cops?" she asked my dad.

"I promise, everything will be okay. We'll decline his offer then call the police," he kissed my mother, then the both of them left my room, leaving me in the dark.

It's like they didn't acknowledge that I was awake. I quickly pushed the covers off of me and ran over to the door. When I opened it I heard muffled sounds. I jerked myself back into the room. The sound of my dad's voice made me peek out of the door again. I viewed the living room, a dark silhouette, and my dad. He was leaning in the middle of my view. It was dark. My dad's back was to me, and the silhouette held the gun out towards my father.

"Please, I'm sure there's another way," I heard my dad whisper.

Another silhouette stepped in front of my dad. "Try telling that to Mr. Harmon."

The stranger pointed the gun to my dad's head and shot him. Suddenly, my mother ran out into the hallway, but when she saw the intruders, she pulled her phone out of her pocket and ran back into her room. The strangers followed her then shot her as she hid behind the bed.

"Where is he? He said he'd be here before the cops come," one of the strangers said.

They seemed not to notice me. It was like I was invisible.

"Hey, he said to leave the will," one of them said, stepping toward Caleb's room.

Just then, the cops came in the house and shots went off. Everything then turned white.


I woke in the abandoned house with Jasper standing over me. "Jasper?" I whispered.

"Violet!" he shouted, looking away from me. "She's okay!" Jasper helped me to my feet and patted me on my back. "We thought we lost you."

"What happened to me?" I asked.

Jasper looked over his shoulder. "It was Violet. She told me you were in trouble."

"What?" I said looking around, expecting to see Violet. "How could she know?"

He cleared his throat

I looked behind me, and there Violet was. I walked up to her. I had it up to here with what was going on. I just wanted Caleb, and I wanted him now!

"What do you know?" I asked, pointing my finger at her while walking closer to her.

"Emily..." Violet murmured.

"My brother is dead! I don't know what's going on!" I yelled. I started to cry.

Jasper took my hand. "Emily. She's going to tell you everything."

Violet nodded. "Jasper, please wait outside."


Violet and I walked upstairs to the fourth floor. She led me into a room full of paintings. All of the paintings were of kids, families, soldiers, and of some old people. They were the most beautiful paintings I had ever seen.

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