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The Devil President is a Baddy! by K-chika
The Devil President is a Baddy!by K-chika
Update schedule:- One chapter per day. Except Monday! 5 chapters every Sunday. PS: Due to health problem won't be regular for few weeks. The dramas with the man steal...
Owned by Him by Writingqueen1996
Owned by Himby Writingqueen1996
If He cannot have her....then no-one can.
Revenge... by blackwidowzs
Revenge...by blackwidow
After Peter Parker was kidnapped and tortured by Loki as a method to hurt Tony Stark, Loki was sent to a prison in Asgard. But now he's back. And looking for revenge on...
Stolen by BillieJay3
Stolenby Billie Jay
My name is Jade. I was kidnapped and given as a gift. Like a pet. A gift meant to mend the bond between a father and son. But before his son knew I even existed, I was...
Find Me by xXAmy_CXx
Find Meby Amy Crandall
|Book 1 of The Betrayal Trilogy - Now Discontinued| [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK-STORY WROTE AT AGE OF 13] *** "N--No! Leave her alone! Please, leave her alone," I s...
Invasion (boyxboyxboy) by Naturalin
Invasion (boyxboyxboy)by Naturalin
The aliens have arrived and Sylvester is at the right place at the right time. Warning: this book is rated 18+ and is for mature audiences only.
The Aliens Pet by -DyslexicTwat-
The Aliens Petby DyslexicTwat
What happens when a boy with anxiety gets abducted by aliens? Read 'The Aliens Pet' to find out *a human pet story*
Hunter Maximus by CSW1995
Hunter Maximusby C. Swallow
Isobel is a bridal dressmaker and high school drop out with the genes of a vampire hunter. What will happen when the resident Hunter of the Vampire Palace comes to kidna...
Wanting Her by simxmy
Wanting Herby simmy
He watched her for months, craving every curve on her beautifully sculptured body. She was innocent and clueless of his intentions. He was going to do anything to make h...
Escaping The Mafia Boss by iinfinityy_starxoxo
Escaping The Mafia Bossby Lilac Addison
All rights reserved, please do not copy my book. *** Twenty-four year old Katerina's life is turned upside down when her birth family who labelled her a curse and tosse...
The Missing Piece by art-hoe-beau
The Missing Pieceby ☀️ beau ☀️
On January 3rd, three year old Niall Malik is kidnapped. Five years later, he returns, with no idea of who he truly is.
Who's There? - Kidnapped by I_Can_Go_On
Who's There? - Kidnappedby ♛Rompire♛
The most popular guy at school, the most care free. What will Michael do when 2 angry teenagers kidnap his baby sister? *This is MY original story! * To whoever is readi...
The mafias possession by NatalieOwen0
The mafias possessionby Natalie Owen
When jasmine and her two bestfriends fly to Mexico for a girls holiday, on there first night they hit the club but jasmine did not expect what she was about to walk into...
Divinity ✔ by CaitSarai
Divinity ✔by Caitlin
[Completed] Corrine Adara has a secret so vital that if anyone were to find out, her and her entire family would be executed immediately. As a result, she lives in hidin...
Abducted Love by webbiegail
Abducted Loveby webbiegail
When Darley Vance is abducted by an underwater colony of aliens living on planet 🌍 Earth, will she be able to give her heart to Rebion, son of their leader? Disclaimer...
Virgin Sins | Harry Styles by stylesdove
Virgin Sins | Harry Stylesby 𝖇𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍
The demon hated it when the humans died too soon, but he had to punish them. They were dirty, their ways were immoral and they needed to change their faith. If they refu...
Her Baby!? by MommysMilk
Her Baby!?by James
|~Top Rank in Teen Fiction #409~| Read along as Aiden is taking a stroll through the park and then suddenly a light appears from above slowly lifting him into a thing a...
Sex dealer(completed) by ivynexo
Sex dealer(completed)by Ivy 🌹
"I kidnapped you to give me sex, not love." + We've all heard of drug dealers. Sex dealers? They do the same thing but with women and sex. + -highest rankings:...
Twinkle || BTS by maybeitsbutter
Twinkle || BTSby maybeitsbutter
She had just wanted attention, that's why she kept texting the strange number, updating him on everything in her life. Little did she know how dangerous this relationshi...
Plutonian by SoniaJohn
Plutonianby Sonia John
A fake relationship, a diabolical plan and a threat to the human race. The only thing that ties them together is an eighteen year old girl's choice, that could change th...