Sex, drugs, and Wes Gregory

Sex, drugs, and Wes Gregory

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Neither Macy or the entire school has really payed any attention to Wes gregory. He walks around school with his hood up.

No one even knows what he looks like

But one day Wes takes a certain interest in Macy. His non stop encounters and mysterious appearances make her even more curious about him.

Even when he is backing her up into corners, threatening her or giving her good advice, she still doesn't know what he looks like.  

I mean, is this guy the ugliest guy who has ever walked the earth or is he some kind of Greek god?

Wes Gregory has a dark secret that the whole world knows about but don't realize that they do. 

What will it take for Macy to figure it out? 

What will Macy do when she does figure it out?

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peachy_biiihhh peachy_biiihhh May 23, 2017
U guess!? I either take a yes or no! If u don't answer me with one of those 2 then buh bye! And no or!
heslethal heslethal Jan 07
me af :
                              I’m not that ugly I guess
                              I’m not that fat I guess
CYD1127 CYD1127 Jul 27, 2017
He better have a.fine structured lower face for all that to happen
CYD1127 CYD1127 Jul 27, 2017
He reaction in my head was to get all tongue tied and he would reply and she says I'm odd
CYD1127 CYD1127 Jul 27, 2017
My eyebrows almost came to my hair line thinking you misspelled Wes name 😫
CYD1127 CYD1127 Jul 27, 2017
I dated a guy and everyone always knew what was happening with us, I FELT LIKE MY RELATIONSHIP WAS POSTED TO ENews