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Entangled in Ruin by Kashish_J
Entangled in Ruinby Kashish
Mehek was walking aimlessly on the footpath. The subtle drizzle was soon threatening to become heavy downpour. Many fellow pedestrians were taking shelter in nearby shop...
Bully of The Bullies >>> Han Seo-Jun by peteypetepete
Bully of The Bullies >>> Han Seo-J...by petey22parker
Sim Soo-Yun, Han Seo-Jun and Lee Soo Ho are more connected with the past than they expected.
Never be the same again by FathimaShif
Never be the same againby LiveLove
He is Adam She is Ayah He is rich She is destitute He is an atheist She is a Muslim He is arrogant She is humble He lived in luxury She lived in poverty He had love an...
The Reversed Rejection by chortlesngiggles
The Reversed Rejectionby Mishka Jain
" I Alpha Austin Knight re .." "Woah, dude who gave you the bragging rights in this relationship?" I interrupt him and he gives me a confused look...
Princess Callie by ShadowGear112
Princess Callieby ShadowGear112
Two years ago Callie and Marie did their last splatfest. Although Marie was the winner, the two cousins did not hold a grudge. Despite that, they began to drift apart as...
Save Me (Roger Taylor FanFiction) [Wattys 2019] by MeddowsMaylor
Save Me (Roger Taylor FanFiction)...by MeddowMaylor
"What are you doing with that camera, Jules?" "Well, Roger, I was always taught that we must take pictures of the beautiful things in life..." ...
An Elysian Atelier of Alluring Damsels  by SivaVenkat4
An Elysian Atelier of Alluring Dam...by Orphic dreamer
As their solivagant souls wander through reality. They will once stop by the Elysian Atelier, To wish upon my forgotten years of poetic artistry. *All Poetry and artwo...
Damsel in Distress | TIANSHAN by mhkhaven
Damsel in Distress | TIANSHANby mhkhaven
--------- There's a certain myth, that's entails of a beautiful being, so beautiful that the gods were envious, living deep in the dark woods. The gorgeous being is trap...
Unexpected by DCFatty
Unexpectedby DCFatty
Kara's a shy girl. So shy that even though she's been friends with Natalie for a few years now, she has still yet to meet her brother. After finally meeting him and fe...
Shots by SleepyOwlWrites
Shotsby Sleepy
Evie is a dangerous and mysterious young woman working alongside the Chicago Intelligence Unit, taking down bad guys, confronting her past and generally getting injured...
My Hard Life as an Adventurer! by sawtronn
My Hard Life as an Adventurer!by sawtronn
The story will follow the adventures of a recently graduated young sorceress who instead of continuing her studies or going in search of incresing her magical power deci...
My Knight In Shining Armour  by Saniya_tasniya_16
My Knight In Shining Armour by Saniya Tasniya
Avneet Kaur, a sweet girl, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend but he is making her life a living hell. Siddharth Nigam, the youngest billionaire, who's a pla...
A Kind of Magic [Previously No One But You] (Roger Taylor- Sequel to Save Me)  by MeddowsMaylor
A Kind of Magic [Previously No One...by MeddowMaylor
Roger and Julie had been through so much together and their relationship was strong. But after the blowout success of Queen, brand new strains had been placed on the rel...
Beauty and the Vampires (B&V)  [Sample Chapters] - Vampire Series by AngelRose1092
Beauty and the Vampires (B&V) [Sa...by AngelRose1092
Highest Rankings - #24 in Vampire #1 in damsel What would happen if the entire world gets taken over by vampires? This story is set in the 18th century when the Great Pu...
All Tangled Up by ThousandWattWarlock
All Tangled Upby ThousandWattWarlock
At the first party that Esme invited Henry to several of their friends began to notice each other, making sure that they would be bound to see each other one way or anot...
She's Cold by Junie_Grey
She's Coldby Tonie
Shane Harvard Malcolm, billionaire player has it all, except one thing. A bride! It doesn't seem important to his already perfect world. But when the first requirement f...
Tape Sales by ScottGrisham
Tape Salesby Scott Grisham
This story is about two young women who open the door to the wrong person at the wrong time.
I Am Not a Damsel by typewriter6001
I Am Not a Damselby Typewriter
|COMPLETED| Cameron Waller is a damsel in distress and he isn't happy about it, but what happens when the hero is the one in need of saving? Heroes and villains are go...
League of Legends - third book to Damsel on Distress by YourAverageNerd_
League of Legends - third book to...by Your Average Nerd
"League of Legends assemble . . . or whatever." It's been two months and there's been no sign of the infamous villain, Nemesis, until superheroes around the w...
In Over Her Head by ScottGrisham
In Over Her Headby Scott Grisham
This is about a snoopy young reporter who gets more than she bargained for when she is caught trying to expose a criminal organization. Artistic talent: fiftyshadesofgag...