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Jo PR By JoPRBooks Updated Apr 07

"I was broken. Nothing, no one could fix me. Until you came into my life again. I wish I had gone with you that day instead of him. Because, now I can't imagine how I spent the previous years of my life without you by my side. You are my savior. You showed me that its okay to be broken and you showed me that I wasn't alone. You were with me. i love you for that. But I hate that I love you. I was never good with love. I'm scared that one day I'll wake up without you by my side. One day you will realize that you are better off without me and I don't want that day to come. Not now, not ever. I love you too much to let you go. I finally have a place in this world and that is next to you. You once said, 'Our mistakes compliment each other.' Truer words than these were never said before. We are both broken and incomplete but together, we're whole and we're fixed. We might be too bad for the others, but we are good for each other. They say all good things come to an end, but I'm bad and so are you. Together, we  are horrible. But that just means that we're inevitable. You are mine and I promise to forever be yours."
    Recap by WeLiveOnlyOne
    Humor #1 / Teen Fiction #1 / Romance #4

jodian13 jodian13 13 hours ago
OK that warning was something, but hi you ain't stopping me form reading this book
ninisthebest ninisthebest 3 days ago
Wow your way of pushing people to read your story is so original! I'm sure I'll love it
bubbs_101_ bubbs_101_ 4 days ago
I can't. Literally I can't! I have no idea why I read that in a typical Starbucks loving white firm voice
Tammzz Tammzz May 18
Well this is an original intro. Low-key did reverse psychology on us. I can tell I'm gonna love this story.
bubbs_101_ bubbs_101_ 4 days ago
Damn it seems like the author really wants me to turn around.......good thing I don't do what others want me to:)
                              Sydney, Australia 
                              11:30ish pm??
                              ReReading because I am addicted to it. I'm going to refrain from commenting AT ALL the second time around 😵😞