Falling for the Blind girl (book 1)

Falling for the Blind girl (book 1)

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I move a lot so I should be used to it by now. But there is something different about this particular school. I have heard things about it. Things like everyone loves to fight. That everyone causes trouble just for the excitement of hurting someone and getting in trouble for it. 

When I walk into Xavier High School...I see that all of this is in fact true. 

The guys wrestle against the lockers and are basically beating the shit out of each other. The girls giggle and hollar out at the boys that they think are cute as they touch up their makeup. 

I let out a breath and nod my head, preparing myself. 

"Hello, Ace Miller" the principle greats me in her office. "Welcome to Xavier High School, we are so glad to have you." 

I let the corner of my mouth turn up a little "I'm glad to be here, Mrs. Smith, thank you"

She smiles broadly and  me a sheet of paper "this is your schedule" she hands me another paper "this is your locker number and combination." 


"Don't let...

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Well that's ironic that my first and last name is in your story😂
demminniestories demminniestories Jul 04, 2017
My life .... No one talks to me because im to "pretty" (not trying to be cocky)
Booksramazyn Booksramazyn Nov 28, 2016
My heart legit kinda dropped listening this... idk but this statement made quite an impression on me 😔😔😔😔😔
Tori_Jacobson Tori_Jacobson Dec 13, 2016
A few minutes ago I was reading a story with a person that has the last name Miller
Zaakiya1313 Zaakiya1313 Dec 08, 2016
Oh well that's a lovely way to make your first impression on your future mother-in-law😌🙆🏻✨