Diamonds & Hijabs

Diamonds & Hijabs

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She was lost!

So He showed her to the Right Path.

She was alone

So He sent her a companion!

Sometimes our lives may not go according to our plans but it definitely is going according to how HE planned it. All we just have to do is have trust in Him and be patient.

This book relates the extraordinary story of Hijab. It immerses you into both her present and past, her joy, her laughter, her pain, her cries, her smiles and most importantly the diamond that she is.

Hijab Muhammad is a 23 year old revert. A Chemical Pathologist who has met lots of needy and sick people in her line of work and is unable to stop herself from helping them. 

Her health began to deteriorate only a few months after her wedding. Her faith was tested and her patience stretched, but that didn't stop her from 'saving the world', one person at a time even when she could literally feel her dreams and everything she had planned out slipping through her fingers. 

Hopeless and depressed she prayed for her own cure, but everything ends well for those who believe and are patient. He is the master planner and he knows when to respond to our prayers.

Join Hijab on her journey of self-rediscovery! In between all the dramas, you are guaranteed never to be bored.

Cover by Queen_of_craziness.

Sallam to my fellow Nigerians...if you are not a Muslim I say Hi to you
Walikom Asalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu! Can't wait to read it :D
I genuinely liked this note of yours. Frank and honest. I'm hoping to enjoy this :)
w/w sis, nyc plot.I'm gonna enjoyy this one. Thnxxxx dear sis.
- - Mar 01
It's a very unique!! It surely lives up to those who practice Islam for sure. Thank you for taking the time to write out these clarifications for us! It is appreciated.
So excited to read this..I actually stumbled upon the story and its from my fellow country-man so I DEFINITELY will read this In sha Allah.....