All The Colours - Troyler AU

All The Colours - Troyler AU

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.  In the early hours of the morning one day I was thinking, what with the way that everything was stained pink from the sunrise, when I recalled that moment in time I would picture it in various shades of pink. I began playing with the idea that maybe different moments, different emotions, different times can be separated by colour. I wrote a few short pieces and from one of them [see Introduction], decided to write this collection.

   Each chapter is viable to be read as a oneshot and are in a non-linear order, but all are part of the same timeline and tell a story.

   This story contains graphic sex/romance, and every chapter will involve a sex scene between two homosexual men, so if you are uncomfortable with homosexuality and/or gay male sex, this book will not be for you. If you are made uncomfortable by the description of sex or by sexually explicit language, perhaps the same applies, otherwise read with this in mind. 
   The chapter "red." contains a gay slur, I have put a warning at the top of the chapter and censored it within the text.
   The chapter "blue." contains discussion of and detailed description of  the loss of a parent under traumatic circumstances, mild flashbacks to this traumatic moment, description of a panic attack, description of disassociation, and disassociation in the midst of (consensual) sexual activities. Again, there is a warning for these elements at the top of the chapter.
   The chapter "black." contains a sexual scene involving light elements of BDSM and sex toys. 
    Please let me know if you're triggered by anything throughout the story/if you think I've missed something here and I'll happily add a warnings for it.
    All sexual scenes/acts depicted are fully and enthusiastically consensual and all parties involves are adults.

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hello_its_me_A hello_its_me_A Dec 04, 2016
Ok but this is making me a bit excited and it's really beautifully written
wait i just realised this is going to be updated every month until may
smolkittensivan smolkittensivan Dec 12, 2015
okay but this is all so like wonderfully written and deep and hot and amazing and im wide eyed abdbfifogorofof