Icy Inferno (Troyler AU)

Icy Inferno (Troyler AU)

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Emma the Grandma By TroylerToujours Completed

Tyler is a Fire. He's a hot-headed student who seems to do well without trying.
Troye is a Water. He wants to do well but he'll just go with the flow if it's more convenient.

In a school where those with elemental powers are gathered, in a society where they are shunned, they can't help but anger one another. With seemingly nothing in common, they're polar opposites.
But opposites attract.

*** There won't be triggers but there is swearing, too many references, a bit o violence, and also smut in later chapters (chapters 30 + 36)  ***

Chibiipie Chibiipie Feb 02
Troyler fandom: *whispers* you like him you like him you like him you're soulmates you're meant to be you like him you like him tell him you like him go kiss him you like him...
R3ad3r1 R3ad3r1 Jan 13
just rephrase the last sentence " I wanted to stay with him forever" and we're done Tyler
Chibiipie Chibiipie Jan 12
You may be water but you might need some ice for that's burn