Icy Inferno (Troyler AU)

Icy Inferno (Troyler AU)

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Emma the Grandma By TroylerToujours Completed

Tyler is a Fire. He's a hot-headed student who seems to do well without trying.
Troye is a Water. He wants to do well but he'll just go with the flow if it's more convenient.

In a school where those with elemental powers are gathered, in a society where they are shunned, they can't help but anger one another. With seemingly nothing in common, they're polar opposites.
But opposites attract.

*** There won't be triggers but there is swearing, too many references, a bit o violence, and also smut in later chapters (chapters 30 + 36)  ***

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rosebudboy- rosebudboy- Jul 04, 2017
What can I say, people are stupid. I mean, trump is America's president. TRUMP.
Justwotever Justwotever Aug 30, 2017
You're forgetting about a magical thing called CONVENIENCE OF THE PLOT
'i have like the bluest eyes in the youtube community'
                              'what are you? Nash Grier?'
                              *awkward chuckle* 'oops'
- - Apr 05, 2017
Just casually waiting for Phil to pop up...*Attempts to whistle but just blows air* DON'T JUDGE ME!!!
just make his smile drop off when you make him ..... you know what I mean
MiniandVp MiniandVp Aug 23, 2017
That would be funny if Tyler's full name was Tyler destruction Oakley but no it had to be Mathew Tyler Oakley