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My Playboy [COMPLETED]

My Playboy [COMPLETED]

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Kim 🐢 By Suga_Kim Completed

"Jimin I swear I will kill you if you come any closer." I slowly back away.

"Alright, if you says so." He grin, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Where am I? Where's my clothes? And what happen last night???!!

"You're at my house right now........ And last night? It was amazing." Jimin smirked.

"Never thought you would be that wild, all of  our clothes was torn so I thrown them away." Jimin said, continue to smirk.

Highest Rank: #3 in fanfiction (06/11/17)

Credit for this amazing cover goes to @Athelas_ ❤️

BtsTrashWeee BtsTrashWeee 2 days ago
JamlezzGurl JamlezzGurl 3 days ago
*Insert RM's voice* What does heartthrob means?
                              😂😂😂 It means YOU and your friends, sweetheart.
JamlezzGurl JamlezzGurl 3 days ago
What's up with the nameeessss???? I kind of not satisfied with it but oh well,you are the author. I mean, the names starts with "min" like minseo,minhee, minhyun and it's kinda confusing coz I usually scanning, not literally reading 😢😢
Tasya_army Tasya_army 14 hours ago
I rememver when Rapmon ask whats the meaning of heartthrob HE WAS SO CUTE OMF KMS
JamlezzGurl JamlezzGurl 3 days ago
I was blank for a sec and when I saw the comment section I saw people saying it's a "she" and I was like "She must be the biotch" but then after I read that she's Jimin's no. 1 enemy I just realized that "she" was "me". Oh, how stupid I am 😂😂😂
Pen_meow Pen_meow 3 days ago
In the regular picture on the front looks like he is eating a make up brush