|| BTS Next Door ||

|| BTS Next Door ||

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You're an 18 year old daughter of a rather rich family but lives alone as an ordinary girl in a luxurious apartment.

You're also a big fan of a boy group, Bangtan Boys and the next thing you know, they move in next door. They plan to stay for about a year as vacation and in the meantime, many things happen between you and the boys...



MaliaSuraya MaliaSuraya 3 days ago
I like math and I always have it's just that my teacher this year has a very thick latino accent so it's some times hard for my friends and I to understand, I've been Spanish for about 2-3 weeks I sometimes understand what he says but not all the time. ((Thought I'd share that...cos...WHY TF NOT))
MikiUzumaki MikiUzumaki Nov 17
I'm korean and one time, this boy said, "are you speaking chinese?" When I was calling my dad... I almost took that guy to hell with me
MikiUzumaki MikiUzumaki Nov 17
Anime and k pop has made my standards way higher the average lemon climax
MaliaSuraya MaliaSuraya 3 days ago
So just because I don't like you specifically means I don't like boys at all? Pffft I very much do like people of the male gender especially BTS *coughjimincough* but I also like girls so... (; 
                              Ayo ladies and gentlemen
I want a school uniform too. I take like 20 minutes to find something to wear
We actually have loads of kpop fans in my secondary school and k drama addicts. I'm proud to say that I have converted multiple people into the AMRY fandom and the wonderful worls of K drama lol