I'm In Love With A Weapon Specialist (ON HOLD!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm In Love With A Weapon Specialist (ON HOLD!!!!!!!!!!)

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Haylee Philbin By halseechu Updated Nov 03, 2016

Have you ever heard of the movie called Transformers? You have? Well that's good then because then I won't have to explain to you what it is. But in this book that you're about to read, there was something or someone missing, the fact that they forgot to mention her it insulted her so much she killed herself..... jokes she didn't kill herself...... anyways that someone that they forgot to mention was the fact that her name is Violet Rose Witwicky, yes you did read it right, it did say Violet Rose Witwicky. Violet is non other than Sam's older sister, twin to be exact and this is her story on how she fell deeply in love with her car that she didn't expect to be able to turn into a 6ft tall robot.

Violet Rose Witwicky didn't expect to fall for her car but she did, she didn't care that she fell for him. 'Things happen for a reason' she would tell herself over and over again, making sure that she didn't go insane when she was thinking about what has happen to her from getting her car and onwards. Was it even the right thing to do? I mean falling in love with your car that can turn into a 6ft tall robot.... Well I guess thing are meant to happen for a reason.

Disclaimer: I do not own the transformer movie nor its characters, nor do I own any media pics or songs that will be presented in this whole entire book.

Claimed: I only own my OC Violet and this book and some of Violet's dialogue.

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