The Gangleader And Me

The Gangleader And Me

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[WARNING!! There are a lot of grammar mistakes!!!]

'What's your name, cupcake??' The most feared of all.......Zane Rodzer asked me

'De-Destiny' I said very softly as it was a whisper 

'Full name' he asked, still holding me against the hard wall
I didn't even look at him.....too afraid to.

'De-Destiny Wa-Walward' I stuttered, I wanted to cry, I wanted my brothers here.

'Destiny Walward' he smirked 'Interesting'

Destiny Walward was a girl who lost both of her parents, left with her two brothers who loved her more than their parents and her step-mum who hated her and loved her brothers. What happens when her step-mum tries to beat the shit out of her and her brothers aren't there to help her, she runs away to the alley to be seen by none other than......ZANE RODZER!!!

  • boyfriend
  • brother
  • crying
  • danger
  • fights
  • gangleader
  • hate
  • killings
  • love
NixiieBlu NixiieBlu Dec 28, 2017
You probably remind her of your mom maybe?  Not that there is any excuse to be abused though x:
How the fück do you just "fall asleep"???  I'd be like hell naw I need to look at my surroundings in case I get the chance to escape!!
introvertss introvertss Feb 10
That reminds me of the time I tried to skateboard. Let’s just say I’m never trying that again.😔😳
See if I were the girl he'd be like shoot that fat ass! 😂😂😂😂😂
-sighsyd -sighsyd Aug 22, 2017
lmao i thought it was supposed to be Barbara? ok i'll just imagine her as Barbara then
Mango-Tango Mango-Tango Aug 26, 2017
Carter, Destiny, Will you come down for dinner. 
                              Hehe see what I did there? Hehehe