[Eng] No Colours -  No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU

[Eng] No Colours - No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU

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Cinnamonroll By KawaiiCinamonroll Updated Aug 08

{English MikaYuu fanfiction}

[Cover by me~]

Another universe where your  other half/soulmate can't see colours while the other can't speak, hear anything etc. Means you have a disease, sickness, disability etc. and only your soul mate/other half can "heal" you. With a kiss.
Of course you can still die since you share your life with your soul malte/other half. But not all people have diseases/ disabilities  while others get a disease/ disability later.

(The story takes place in Japan so there will be some japanesse words like "Ohayo" , "-kun" etc., but difficult ones will be explained within the story.)


Yuuichiro Amane is a highschool student who loves to draw (manga). Silly, he can only see black, white and grey.  It actually doesn't concern him that much, but for becoming a real mangaka it is a problem. Also his best friend often tells him how great "Yuu-kun"'s pictures are, and he'd love to see  them in colour. 
 So for making his wish come true Yuu has to find his soul mate. And kiss her. Or him.

I am an EXPERT at Japanese terms although I'm not Japanese so I'm fine
Rwby307336 Rwby307336 Aug 08
Thank you for updating this i love this book keep up the good work ;)
I hope the people of that website get sued! Your story is yours alone! Bitchezzzzzz!!
Now you worry me, yikes. I wouldn't want to struck by such a thing. I don't even speak Vietnamese, so I wouldn't be able to do much lol.
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Wow I personally think that one should be the cover.... it's so pretty