[Eng] No Colours -  No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU

[Eng] No Colours - No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU

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{English MikaYuu fanfiction}

[Cover by me~]

Another universe where your  other half/soulmate can't see colours while the other can't speak, hear anything etc. Means you have a disease, sickness, disability etc. and only your soul mate/other half can "heal" you. With a kiss.
Of course you can still die since you share your life with your soul malte/other half. But not all people have diseases/ disabilities  while others get a disease/ disability later.

(The story takes place in Japan so there will be some japanesse words like "Ohayo" , "-kun" etc., but difficult ones will be explained within the story.)


Yuuichiro Amane is a highschool student who loves to draw (manga). Silly, he can only see black, white and grey.  It actually doesn't concern him that much, but for becoming a real mangaka it is a problem. Also his best friend often tells him how great "Yuu-kun"'s pictures are, and he'd love to see  them in colour. 
 So for making his wish come true Yuu has to find his soul mate. And kiss her. Or him.

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I am an EXPERT at Japanese terms although I'm not Japanese so I'm fine
I have some fun facts about Hitler: he was from Austria. He was an amazing talker. As a child he wanted to be a priest. After that he wanted to be an artist. 
                              The Japanese killed more Chinese than Hitler killed Jews (I know too many 'fun' facts about WW2, these aren't even half of what I know XD)
I swear if this turns out like another story I read I'm dying
Same this is why I don't know a lot of history I should know
When you leave my colors fade to grey, ooh a ooh a hey, ooh a ooh a ooh a hey.....
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