[Eng] No Colours -  No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU

[Eng] No Colours - No Voice || MikaYuu / YuuMika AU

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{English MikaYuu fanfiction}

[Cover by me~]

Another universe where your  other half/soulmate can't see colours while the other can't speak, hear anything etc. Means you have a disease/sickness and only your soul mate/other half can "heal" you. With a kiss.
Of course you can still die since you share your life with your soul malte/other half. But not all people have diseases while others get a disease later.

(The story takes place in Japan so  I will use some japanesse words like "Ohayo" , "-kun" etc.)

Story :

Yuuichiro Amane is a highschool student who loves to draw (manga). Silly he can only see black, white and grey.  It actually doesn't concern him that much but for becoming a real mangaka it is a problem. Also his best friend often tells him how great "Yuu-kun"'s pictures are and he'd love to see  them in colour. 
 So for making his wish come true Yuu has to find his soul mate. And kiss her. Or him.

Starlight_Idol Starlight_Idol 2 days ago
I'm always group one and I'm always away from my best friend *cries* you know! My best friend is a Japanese half and pilipino! I'm the one who always went to clinic whenever she is sick!
kurokot11 kurokot11 Dec 09, 2016
I've been around SPN and superwholock and other stuff it's nice to be back in mah animu fandom
Starlight_Idol Starlight_Idol 2 days ago
Yoichi is cute when he wears the uniform especially having the hat
Starlight_Idol Starlight_Idol 2 days ago
Yoichi is a cute boy who lives in a kawaii life!!! WEAR THE UNIFORM, YOICHI-SAN!!!
CottontailMorlace CottontailMorlace Aug 27, 2016
Wow I personally think that one should be the cover.... it's so pretty
kxgehinas kxgehinas Jan 07
Why am I getting yoi flashbacks in a mikayuu fanfic wOW this is nOT THE TIME