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Kuroo x Reader [COMPLETED]

Kuroo x Reader [COMPLETED]

39.9K Reads 2.5K Votes 17 Part Story
Heather <3 By HectaSawaka Completed

[Im sorry the cover sucks; I don't own anything except the plot]
The world is filled with many colours. And what colour we see depends on our status as a human. You're the kind of girl who was just an ordinary person: Not much friends, no love life, no parents. You could hardly see any colours when you open your eyes. Yes you can different shade a blue pen and a red, but over than that, everything's a myriad of grey, black, and white.
But what if, one day, you just happen to meet someone who seems like the most colourful person in the world? And that you're world starts becoming less... "colourless".

At least I wasn't a rape baby like you.
                              *Ca$h me out side, how bout dat*
Mad_Desires Mad_Desires Jul 24, 2016
I am so already interested .... LET'S CONTINUE LE ADVENTURE!!!
I love how you guys are insulting back and I'm like:
                              HAH! TRUEEE!!!
what if wasn't born but you two still broke up? who would you blame???
hishou hishou Sep 23, 2016
                              This one has a really strong and interesting beginning...
                              I am so loving this ❤
Dramatic_Mac Dramatic_Mac Oct 23, 2016
@Algaesia This story made me cry and I legit NEVER cry in stories