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Slave [boyxboy] by AshPhantomhive
Slave [boyxboy]by Ash
Drake has been used and abused his entire life. Being born as a human-cat hybrid means he would have to spend his entire life as a slave. Finally he gets sold to a man n...
  • boyxboy
  • neko
  • postponed
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Gay Chicken | ✓ by PandaGuts
Gay Chicken | ✓by Pearl. W. Pleyse
"They have belligerent sexual tension." "What does that even mean?" --- James and Casper have been fighting for years - they've just never gotten a...
  • complete
  • bxb
  • oblivious
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Villain Transmigration: Transcendence to Immortality [1] by Fudanshifluffy
Villain Transmigration: Satoshi Minato
[World One : Ancient] [Qi, Spirit, Cultivation, Immortality. The four continents of the Immortal realm will soon be turned upside down by one heinous villain. Striving f...
  • cannonfodder
  • action
  • transmigration
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I'm in Heat, you Idiot! - A SasuNaru Fanfic by ThatNarutoGirl
I'm in Heat, you Idiot! - A ThatNarutoGirl
Smut/Lemon warning! At least I'm trying, LOL. Naruto wakes up to find that he's having a bit of an.. Issue.. He then realizes that the only way to help him deal with it...
  • kyuubi
  • naruto
  • sasunaru
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dangeum and jigyo♥︎ by 12monaco12
dangeum and jigyo♥︎by monaco1♛
دانغوم وجيجيو\ تبدأ قصتنا بجيجيو ، ولي العهد، الذي تم نفيه مؤخراً من القصر الي جانب الحارس دانغوم والرجل الذي دربه وصنعه تشونجغيوم يجبر الثلاثه علي قضاء ايامهم المتبقيه...
  • دراما
  • yaoi
  • خيال
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The King's Game [BL] by SpinChibi
The King's Game [BL]by Spinchibi@
[Warning! This is Machine Translated] Author: 酒矣 Novel updates summary: In the King's game, the [King]'s order is absolute and has the power to create rules. As the owne...
  • bl
  • zerg
  • shou
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[✓] Complete || KookV by _Afreen
[✓] Complete || KookVby Ree
[KookV] Warning!boyxboy!Shonen-ai!BL!BoysLove Jeon Jungkook x Kim Taehyung Top!Jungkook Bottom!Taehyung Kumpulan cerita OneShot, Drabble, Ficlet dll Bts fanfiction! Comp...
  • jeonjungkook
  • vkook
  • topjungkook
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♫ Given TłumaczeniePL ♫ by Neko-oo
♫ Given TłumaczeniePL ♫by ♡♡♡🍭
Tłumaczenie mangi Given
  • dramat
  • yaoi
  • given
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The Secret Agent (BoyxBoy) by JayceeLMejica
The Secret Agent (BoyxBoy)by Jaydreamerxx
The Dela Fuente Brothers Book 4: Ahron Dela Fuente Ahron Dela Fuente is the most dangerous man among the Dela Fuente Brothers. He's tough, cold, and a dangerous foe...
  • yaoi
  • tagalogbxb
  • gaylove
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We'll meet again... by Us4g1_1n_Th3_m00n
We'll meet St34mPunk-Kyl3
He swore he'd return now his time has come Now his revenge is all he wants...or is it? This will definitely be Billdip, but its slow moving
  • pines
  • deal
  • mindwarp
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NaruSasu Modern Yaoi Fanfiction: Who Knows? by ThatNarutoGirl
NaruSasu Modern Yaoi Fanfiction: ThatNarutoGirl
Sasuke Uchiha is just a normal Junior in high school, and believes he will absolutely NEVER get a boyfriend, but then on one fateful day, a new student moves to Konoha H...
  • boyxboy
  • shounen-ai
  • narusasu
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The Kitsune and his Master (SasuNaru) by ThatNarutoGirl
The Kitsune and his Master ( ThatNarutoGirl
One day, while 18-year-old Jonîn Sasuke Uchiha is on a mission, he encounters a 15-year-old kitsune named Naruto. Naruto's family was killed, making him the only kitsune...
  • lgbt
  • narusasu
  • naruto
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Just Another Deal... by Us4g1_1n_Th3_m00n
Just Another St34mPunk-Kyl3
Why is it that all I ever did was cause trouble for them? How many times did I disappoint someone? Im sorry I wasnt all I could be...Im...Sorry... Also I don't own Gravi...
  • dipperpines
  • fordpines
  • mabelpines
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Male! Marinette x Adrien (Still Male) Miraculous Ladybug (ON HIATUS) by Goat_Kiddie911
Male! Marinette x Adrien (Still Goat_Kiddie911
Title says it all, I hopes. From sleepovers to reverse umbrellas to the ever cliche tutoring scene, these are the tales of genderbent Marinette and the not genderbent Ad...
  • chatnoir
  • talesofladybug
  • romance
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Various X Male!Reader  by Mellon_nin
Various X Male!Reader by ヾ(≧▽≦*)o
Hhh Title says it all Requests closed Y e e t Stories can also be found on my tumblr @malereaderimagines
  • malereader
  • superwholock
  • characterxmale
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[Re-Up/Truyện Tranh] Vege Channel   by Bethaonhanma
[Re-Up/Truyện Tranh] Vege Channel by Bé Thảo Nhân Mã
Tác giả: TSUGARU Translator & Edit: Dalia Lời tựa: "Tôi thú nhận. Tôi thích chụp hình sau lưng người khác. Tôi thú nhận tôi mặc dù là một Fudanshi (có thể hiểu là H...
  • boyxboy
  • nguoc
  • lãngmạng
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Kiss of the Sharingan by XxOtaku-himexX
Kiss of the Sharinganby XxOtaku-himexX
Madara attacks Konoha, and Kakashi uses Mangekyo Sharingan to protect the village, Naruto uses it too... wait... WHAT? Naruto has secrets? The story is dedicated to Ita...
  • love
  • fanfiction
  • uchiha
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A Deceptive Love(Black Butler Claude x Alois) by xXSebby-chanXx
A Deceptive Love(Black Butler xXSebby-chanXx
I lived a tragic past. I was abused, violated, and left alone to die. The only person that understood me perished before my eyes. I went through one hell into another. B...
  • sebaciel
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • romance
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MOMENTS [Akakuro Family] by kina_arisugawa
MOMENTS [Akakuro Family]by noname
Just about you, me and our (future) children. . Chap 1-9 : Pregnancy moments.
  • akashi
  • wattpad
  • mpreg
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Boku no Hero Academia Dj: Instinct manga | Tłumaczenie by xSleepyQueenx
Boku no Hero Academia Dj: xOtakuQueenx
Tak więc opisu nie ma i tak. Po prostu nie był dołączony...:333
  • gej
  • boyxboy
  • midoriya
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