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The Dangerous Mate (Completed)

The Dangerous Mate (Completed)

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blackgirl421 By blackgirl421 Completed

He went from omega to Alpha just in two days
His family relatives are dead because he killed them bare handed?
What if you did worse...

I didn't understand what I was...
Why I did what I had done...
How I killed my entire Pack just at the age of thirteen....

Bitter, the feeling  seemed to intensify every day I live... running through the forest as my breathing increased heavily, crunching of wood from behind me pushed me harder. Numbness suffused my body as I turned my head. "People like you are the reason I enjoyed killing," he yelled, then laughing half heartily. I could of killed him already,but there was no fun in that. I gripped my hand on my silver knife rolling my body to the right, pressing against a tree. Soon I heard breathing passing by, but as soon as it appeared it had disappeared.

Thrusting my knife into the Hunter's chest he coughed up blood and stared at me, gurgling his blood trying to find air. His eyes widened as life left his body.  I crouched down near his face and placed a red rose on his chest Never forget

What is it," I stated blankly. "Cheese pizza I didn't know what you wanted so I ordered plain for you," he stated.

I stared at the box not attempting to eat it. "Keep it I don't want whatever that is," I stated. He sighed and picked it up from the ground.

"I just want a healthy luna, our pack needs you whether you realize that or not," he tried to explain.

"I never asked for this if you haven't realized," I snapped instantly.

DestinyDarkAngel DestinyDarkAngel 4 days ago
This is good but the cover of the book is my profile picture😂😂😂
In the part "I'm giving you one hour to get as far from here as possible, if I cacth YOU scent I'll find you both so I would ADVISE you to cover up your scent," Please add an "r" to "you" and change the "s" from "advise" to "c"
xXbaby_gurlXx xXbaby_gurlXx Oct 04, 2016
The water that is dries off your body dries into the towel which could build up mold, and while it's wet, it picks up dust from the air
joeneill27 joeneill27 Nov 05, 2015
This sounds like a really good book I cannot wait for your next update!!! I have high hopes for you!!
Cecilia_Chavez Cecilia_Chavez Nov 05, 2015
This sounds badass. I can't wait for the next chapter. I absolutely loved the description.