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Shayla Dominique By Czarcsm Completed

"Stay away from him, not only is he danger but he's the Master. He will either make you or break you, but the way that Zebastian looks at you is unusual for Wonderland." Sasha said as she let the water trickle down her chocolate legs. 

"What do you mean?" Vera asked innocently.

"Zebastian is one of the men we warned you about, he dangerous, out of control, and more powerful than everyone combined here." Nina said fanning herself. "He's got his sights on you, so he's planning something: either to kill you, or to kidnap you and make you his. Master won't let that happen, especially since he's taken a liking to you."

"Not to mention Xephren." Janet said. Vera just frowned.

"What should I do?" She asked.

"What we do best." Nina said looking at her.


If you think they are hoes basically yall are hoes to because i know plenty of people who dated people for only a year the only difference is they know when they break up they are going to leave on good terms
ohshisus ohshisus Sep 10, 2016
this is really weird for me. Haha. Vera is my grandmother's name.
Katty_Empire Katty_Empire Apr 23, 2016
Hold up, she a little too happy with all that has happened to her😐
liylasweetcheeks liylasweetcheeks Apr 05, 2016
I'm sorry but a prostitute who enjoys it..people come on that's low for the main character.. and all women
_paradiise_ _paradiise_ Sep 05, 2016
I honestly wouldn't mind going there, even if it means I have to be a hoe
AugustAlsina_N_Me AugustAlsina_N_Me Aug 17, 2016
I couldn't do this cause I'll be so jealous I'll probably embarrass myself by grabbing the towel placing it around him and dragging him out the room while shooting everyone daggers