Evangeline Parks was many things. Werewolf, daughter, future alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. But, a mate is something Evangeline is not. So what happens when Alpha Jack Lay of an enemy pack is her mate? And what happens when she meets him as he tries to kill her pack? 

Jack Lay is the Alpha of the Black Shadow pack.  His entire life he's been dreaming to meet his mate. So when he finds out that she belongs to the pack that he is currently attacking, he does what he thinks is right; kidnaps her.

But when problem strikes will the two stick together or will they prove that sometimes even the Moon Goddess makes mistakes?

Used to be called Kidnapped By My Mate.

  • eva
  • jack
  • kidnap
  • mates
  • werewolf
AbbiCrabbi AbbiCrabbi Mar 08
Damn when I was reading this .... I was not a normal person..
Same but I wouldn't have a superman shirt I would have all batman
Aamy210 Aamy210 May 15
Dude seriously?!?! Call me maybe?!?!?!? Thinking what?😂🤦🤦
savannahottley2 savannahottley2 Sep 08, 2017
So you want a luna that never graduated from high school. Hhhmmmmm
Expectations: waking up with 'a cute yawn' 
                              Reality: wakimg up not wanting to get up and ends up snorting and yawning like mutant donkey-pig
BabyKitten96 BabyKitten96 May 16, 2017
I mean look at Queen Elizabeth! She is the Woman! I'm an American by the way.