Rejecting The Future Moon Goddess[Rejection Series]

Rejecting The Future Moon Goddess[Rejection Series]

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Angel Lunair By Angel-Lunair Completed

[Rejection Series Book 2]

"Me, your mate? As if. You're weak and the reason my parents are dead!" He scuffs at my face and then does the worst thing I could think of. "I, Mikael Alibaster, future Alpha of Hidden Claws rejects you as my mate."

Geminie Blake was special. She was the future moon goddess but her pack and herself didn't know that. 

All they knew was that she was the reason why the Alpha and Luna were killed and ever since then she became the packs punching bag. She was treated like the worst of the worst. It didn't help that she hadn't shifted yet.

Then the day came when her mate rejected her and her and everything changed. Her life became better as she learned about her past she was the future moon goddess and she became alpha of the strongest pack with her bestfriend at her side.

But what happens when her old pack needs help and her emotions are hard to handle.

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SIGH...I wish it was real... I wish I could have a mate... I wish...
hczirr hczirr Dec 07, 2017
What kind of sick twisted assholee steals the moon goddess’ baby? 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
NemesisJ0 NemesisJ0 May 25, 2017
I'm a theif in the night, I'll do anything for some kittycat
Me...casually checking out the is a theta? Checks comments..understands..decides book is going good so far...continues to read
Sorry if I’m rude but is this a prologue or a chapter? It’s short like a description or a prologue... sorry if i offend you. I’m just asking
Amber_Haze Amber_Haze Apr 29, 2017
Wait, like Gemini as in the zodiac? Or like, one of Lucy's  celestial spirit? (Boom, I just snuck an Anime reference in there, you're welcome Fairy Tail fans)