The Girl With Two Mates

The Girl With Two Mates

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Wolf Girl By WolfSwag36189 Completed

Sophia's life is far from normal; two mates, a strict dad, a white wolf, what else could go wrong? Everything does when her mates get kidnapped. 

Jackson is the mighty alpha of the forest pack. He had a few human girlfriends but they were never like Sophia, he fell in love with her when he first saw her. His best friend Aiden is his beta. Aiden also falls in love with Sophia when he sees her.

The forest pack and mountain pack have always been fighting. It's always about something whether it's boundary problems or they just want to fight. But one day the mountain pack completed the impossible, nobody but them knows about it so far.

So you're probably wondering why one of Sophia's problem is having a white wolf, well shes the only one she knows that has a white wolf. 

So read if you want to know what happens. Just a warning: it might suck at the beginning but i promise it will get better toward the end.

  • action
  • alpha
  • friendship
  • kidnapping
  • love
  • mates
  • werewolves
GloriaAkowuah GloriaAkowuah Apr 28, 2016
Well 1 crown is only 4 cents. So it makes sense that 5 is 120 crowns lol
                              That's really cheap
lol haha yea totally agree on that even if was just a few days ago personally ild rather she wore jeans or slacks
ok...points out...shes about o meet her mate and a birthday party ...wearing a dress knowing she has HAIRY legs anx wears it anyhow yep not gross at all
harfas harfas Mar 29, 2016
Omg 5 ? That means 5x25 = 125 crowns for two fckin ice creams ? Rly
                              In our country two regular ice creams cost 27 crowns and big ice cream costs around 40 crowns. Wow that is weird
Fat_Unicorns_ Fat_Unicorns_ Nov 13, 2015
Impalas are the best car ever made! This story just got trillion times better!
kmulrocks kmulrocks Sep 15, 2015
you did not have to say the part about her unshavd legs. im a girl and just imagining kinda grosses me out