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FLIRT (Phan)

FLIRT (Phan)

62.3K Reads 3.8K Votes 7 Part Story
meme prince ✿ By danandphilgaymes Updated Jan 22, 2016

Phil is popular: president of his fraternity, shortstop of the baseball team, he's got it all figured out. But when Phil meets Dan, a flamboyant freshman in the theatre department, everything changes. Despite warnings from their friends, Dan and Phil can't stay away from each other, but when these two worlds come crashing together, can they find a balance or will their differences pull them apart forever?

Pairings: Phan and KicktheStickz

Genre: (kinda angsty) fluff

Categories: American!Phan ; Uni!Phan ; Athlete!Phil ; Pastel!Dan (ish) ; American!KicktheStickz

TW: smut, language


mimi_x_ mimi_x_ Feb 14
Oh god..... I read a phanfic where their KINK names were Daddy and Princess... agghhh no the memories
thank god this isn't about football because I don't understand that at all
mintteaa2 mintteaa2 3 days ago
when phil is smooth af so u might as well make a dangan ronpa joke and call him mondo
mintteaa2 mintteaa2 3 days ago
gender is abt sex organs not personality and preferences like makeup and shît lol
mimi_x_ mimi_x_ Feb 14
I just got up and squeeled and ran round the room, and my mum asked where the spider is. I really wanted to tell her 'DAN'S GONNA GET PHIL AND ITS GONNA BE SOOOOOOOO CUTE' but I refrained
Ok I would just like to say: good job indenting the paragraphs and making a new one when someone talks and stuff because almost no fan fictions indent the paragraphs and it bugs me so good job with that 👏👏